Tasks and purpose

We have set an ambitious goal for these 6 months. Landscaping at the entrances to Mykolayiv.

Why is that?

After all, entry / exit - This is the face of our region. Therefore, the attitude of people to their home is immediately visible.

We divided the activity into 4 stages

-Landering 200 ash trees on the Khersonske highway

-Planting of Crimean pines in 3 stages in different places (Khersonske highway, Heroiv Ukrainy Avenue, Lisky Park).



Thanks to our team members, we managed to plant ash trees. Although uprooting and planting young ash trees is a difficult task.

However, only 25 people did a great job. They planted 200 ash trees.

The territory on departure from Mykolaiv to Kherson looks better. The problem of garbage remains, we are holding actions to clean up the area. The pace of transformation of this area into a landfill is growing. In

November, more than 100 Crimean pines were purchased at the expense of our Organization.

The video reports of the marathon show in detail and show the young beauties.


An interesting fact

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous green conservationist. He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation. At age 24, Leo has donated more than $ 30,000,000 to the environmental struggle.

Thanks to joint efforts we try to make our city green and clean. We do it at our own expense. The biggest problem of recent times has been the lack of human hands.

The number of our members has increased. Now we have 31 volunteers. Hundreds of seedlings are simply physically difficult to plant.

We plan to buy about 200 willows. Plant them on the river banks. This is the best place for this type of tree.

We have big plans for the future, expansion, greening, attracting new members. It's all real.

Let's Do It Together!