In November, the volunteers of our organization decided to carry out an important mission. The task was divided into 3 stages. Planting more than 100 Crimean pines. This is the Khersonskoe highway, Geroiv Stalingrady Avenue and Lisky park.. The impossible became possible. Thanks to what?


Of course only due to friendly interaction. About 25 like-minded people have joined forces for this purpose. Men and women and their children took part. Young trees adapt better to a new location than adult species. Lush 5-year-old Crimean pines have found their home. Seedlings just over 1 meter. Such pines will grow by 10 cm for each year of their life. We hope that in a few years it will be the best living "beauties" and symbols of the New Year.

Interesting Facts

Famous people such as Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Miranda Kerr, Gusel Bündchen are active environmentalists. As they say, a person must have time to build a house, raise a child and plant a tree during his life. If that's what you think, we'll be happy to join our like-minded people.

Жюзель Бюндхен