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These two oaks were presented to our organization. One of them has been growing on the land for several years. It was planted too close to the house and could destroy the integrity over time.

We decided to plant just small seedlings of fir-trees, as they quickly take root in a new place. In the first year, they will grow only 3-4 cm, but then - 15-20 cm each year.

We chose the area along the sidewalk without trees. Linden is an unpretentious tree that grows quite quickly. And in a few years the crowns of planted trees will create a cozy shade here.

At the end of March, volunteers of organization «Let’s Do It Together» planted 50 young willow saplings in the Namyv district on the banks of the Southern Bug.

The volunteers of our organization decided to carry out an important mission. Planting more than 100 Crimean pines. This is the Khersonskoe highway, Geroiv Stalingrady Avenue and Lisky park.

Thanks to our team members, we managed to plant 200 ash trees. More than 100 Crimean pines were purchased at the expense of LDIT.