Let's get rid of garbage in Mykolaiv

CO "Let's Do It Together" initiates an indefinite action, the purpose of which is to clean up the illegal dumps of Mykolaiv and region.

tons of garbage

the amount of garbage imported to municipal landfills (Mykolaiv 2020)

tons of garbage

daily transported from city to municipal landfills

illegal landfills

it is impossible to calculate the amount of garbage in landfills, but we are talking about thousands of tons of waste.

Let's get rid of illegal dumps together. We offer 2 ways:


Financial support

You can make a charitable monetary contribution to our current account marked "For garbage removal". We will spend the collected funds to rent trucks for garbage removal.


Personal help

You can use your own car, or rent a truck and take out some garbage from the landfill (coordinates are on our interactive map). Also, if you want to send us photo report, which we will place on our website with the mark of you as our volunteer.

Illegal landfills in Mykolaiv and the region are a real natural disaster

The amount of garbage in the city is growing every year

In the period from 2014 till today the annual amount of garbage in Mykolaiv increased by 40 thousand tons. These are just official statistics that take into account the amount of garbage which is taken to municipal landfills.

Illegal landfills flooded the city and region

Earlier illegal landfills appeared mainly in villages which have problems with the organization of export household waste. Now there are landfills in the city, where both construction and household waste are dumped.

Illegal landfills are killing the local environment

Garbage pollutes the soil, prevents the growth of plants. The landfill is a breeding ground for rats and cockroaches. When household waste rots, methane is produced, which can cause a fire. Moreover, all this has a very unpleasant smell.

You can support us

Join the community «Let’s Do It Together»! Send funds marked "For garbage removal" and receive a photo and video report for the work done.

PrivatBank card number

Organization current account

Scan through the Privat24


Support «Let’s Do It Together» in Mykolaiv!

We accept charitable donations to bank and current accounts. Send funds marked “For garbage collection”. And you can get from us a photo or video report on the work done.


How can you help independently?

The site has an interactive map showing the places with the largest landfills in the city and region that we know of. You can go there in your own car, or rent a truck to pick up and take out as much garbage as you can.
If you know of any illegal landfill that is not on our map, you can tell us about its location or eliminate it.
Send photos and videos of the work done, we will place them on our website with the mark of you as a volunteer of CO "Let's Do It Together".

How does CO "Let's Do It Together" use charitable funds?

All sent funds marked "For garbage collection" we spend on renting trucks for actions. For example, renting one car ZIL costs 900 hryvnias (about $ 35). With its help it is possible to take out 5 tons of garbage.

Whenever we will provide photo and video reports from cleared landfills. 

Have a quation?

If you have additional questions, fill out the feedback form and we will contact you