Environmental action "Plant a tree" 1 April 2022*

We invite everyone to join the event for planting deciduous trees in Mykolaiv.


*You can read more details by phone

Greening of Mykolaiv

«Let's Do It Together» is a public organization that is engaged in tree-planting and greening in Mykolaiv city and the region. And also organizes community work days and actions for cleaning planted areas.

Years of activity

We make Mykolaiv city and region greener and cleaner

Greening events

Organized more than 20 actions for landscaping and cleaning

Trees planted

More than 1 ths trees have been planted, and that number is growing steadily

Get involved in the CO "Let's Do It Together"

Let's Do It Together is a non-profit organizations (NPO). We are engaged in planting of trees in the Mykolaiv region, and also we organize community work days and actions on cleaning of garbage in forest and parks of the city and region.

Join our team "Let's Do It Together" and together we will make Mykolaiv region greener and cleaner. You can help us in two ways:

  1. Donate means for improvement of an ecological situation in Mykolaiv and region (you can find data for payment at the bottom of the page). With the funds raised, we buy tree seedlings: linden, birch, pine, oak, willow, acacia, maple etc. You can transfer money to purchase one or a whole set of new trees. We plant all purchased seedlings ourselves during our environmental actions.
  2. Become our volunteer to take part in regular actions of the CO "Let's Do It Together" on planting trees and garbage disposal in green areas.

Our mission

Improving the ecological condition and climate of our region.

What are we doing for this?

  1. We try to plant as many trees as possible. We monitor their growth, provide timely and proper care. It is important to restore and increase greenery in forest and park areas.
  2. We clean parks and disposal garbage of the Mykolaiv city and forests in area. The amount of garbage in forest areas, parks, beaches is catastrophic. And unfortunately, no matter how much we clean, it does not become less.

We are already seeing huge negative changes in nature, which may soon become irreversible. That is why it is not time to procrastinate. Now it is time for action!

Why is the environmental issue so acute?

Ukraine is the second to last in Europe in the number of forests (relative to the total area of the country). Currently, forests cover only 15% of the territory (about 9 million ha). And every year it continues to lose them. Deforestation has resulted to environmental degradation. This is especially acute in the South of Ukraine. It leads to:

  • desertification;
  • no precipitation;
  • lack of groundwater;
  • reducing the number of sources;
  • soil erosion on river banks and slopes;
  • decrease in humidity;
  • general deterioration of the microclimate of the region.

So when we are asked why we plant trees, we answer: "How can we not plant them?". Garbage causes many forest fires, inhibits the growth of herbaceous plants, which in turn destroys the soil.


How does LDIT work?


Accumulate funds

Thanks to the charitable contributions of caring people, we accumulate funds in accounts. You can send money to a bank card and to a current account.


Buy seedlings

Depending on the amount of savings, we buy seedlings of various trees, which are selected depending on the season and their purpose.


Plant trees

We choose the most convenient date and arrange the planting of trees in the appointed place at the right time, which can be joined by anyone and become an integral part of our community.

Photo report of events

Meet our team


Roman Burov


Roman Burov is the founder and organizer of the community organization "Let's Do It Together". Business owner, animal lover and hiker. Environmentalist who is not indifferent to the fate and future of Mykolaiv region.

For two years regularly arranges actions on disposal garbage in parks and woods, planting of trees, clearing of sources within the Mykolaiv region.

All reports on the costs of purchasing seedlings and holding environmental action will be published on Roman's pages on social networks Facebook and Instagram.

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You can support us

Get involved in the community Let's Do It Together! All proceeds will go to the purchase and planting of trees and greening region

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We are supported

We successfully planted trees in Mykolaiv

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